International Wheel and Tire (IWT) is a premier tooling and equipment supplier. We specialize in design, build and commissioning of a wide range of balancing machines for balancing tires, wheels, assemblies and components.

The key employees of IWT hold or were inventors named on a range of patents for the current generation tooling for tire/wheel assemblies, and now work on tooling for the next generation equipment.

At IWT, we are well aware of the new challenges faced by both internal departments inside the OEM and tier 1 suppliers related to Just In Time supply of tire and wheel assemblies to the final line. Over the last decade there has been fragmentation of the automotive market. Previous large volumes of few product types became splintered into medium to small volumes of a wide variety of products and options. For example, bigger wheels, specialty treads, Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) technology, as well regulatory compliance issues.

To address the issues of growing complexity, IWT has designed into its systems, unique complexity management technology, which include vision error proofing and product tracking and data gathering systems.

IWT represents a fresh new outlook and a new way of solving problems faced by legacy tire room equipment in the fast paced and ever changing world of the JIT suppliers.